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reflective heat shield

Click Here for more info. Low E Insulation is extremely easy to install and has numerous residential, commercial and recreational applications. Low E Insulation's thermal resistance, water vapor retarding, wind infiltration barrier, pipe and duct wrap properties mean that Low E insulation can be used in various applications where traditional insulation is not practical.

While the Slab Shield "Under Concrete Insulation" has the foil insulation in between two bubble foam layers. This protects the foil from the concrete or water - which in both cases - will eat away the foil if not protected.

Foil Insulation for Floor Radiant Heat is the best way to provide a Radiant Barrier for all types of heating applications. Foil Insulation for radiant heat is a great way to keep the heat where you want it - in your floor.

Aluminum Seam Tape - T Special Information - Covid Statement. Search Cart. Menu grid Heating Heating. House Fans. Repair Parts. View all Hot Water Heating Boilers. View all Hydronic Heating Supplies and Trim. View all Gas Space Heaters. View all Electric Space Heaters. Twitter Facebook Blogger.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Our heat shield tape is a must have for your tool box when conducting on equipment repairs.

Durable cloth construction makes it longer lasting and more rugged than similar products. The reflective heat shield tape cuts easily and installation is simple with our high temperature self-adhesive backing that sticks to any CLEAN surface. Find a Dealer.

How to Install Radiant Barrier Foil Insulation

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reflective heat shield

Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Cuts easily with heavy scissors or utility knife Thermaflect Tape is intended to be applied on the cold side of panel or component, i.

We strongly recommend rubbing the surface with a pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol or other non-residue cleaner after cleaning and degreasing. Carefully peel the adhesive backing off the Thermaflect Tape stick and go!

Heavy Duty Heat Shield Tape - Thermaflect Tape

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reflective heat shield

Valve - Guides Valve Seat Inserts. Valve - Cotters Valve - Engine Valves. Valve - Retainers Valve - Rotators. Valve - Tappets. Displaying 70 Result s. Module Contents. Flexible, expandable sleeve provides abrasion protection with a high aesthetic appeal.

Highly flexible, lightweight expandable sleeves provide excellent mechanical protection and abrasion resistance.

reflective heat shield

Lightweight, flexible wrappable sleeve with overlapping design or hook and loop self-closure for easy wire access. Superior abrasion protection of tubes; unique textile structure allows sleeve to be fixed in place by heat setting. Fluid resistant sleeve provides superior abrasion and cut-through protection in sharp and severe environments. Highly flexible sleeve provides superior abrasion resistance for hoses and tubing with heat-shrinkable design.

Flexible, self-wrapping sleeves offer superior abrasion resistance with noise suppression capabilities. Lightweight, flexible, self-wrapping sleeve designed to enable fast and easy wire harness bundling.

Expandable braid with outstanding mechanical protection; provides optimal combination of abrasion protection and lightweight p Highly expandable braid with good mechanical protection and outstanding chemical resistance; treated to prevent end-fray; exceThe cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.

Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Design Engineering's line of reflective thermal management materials are designed to provide effect control of heat keeping your interior and components cool.

Manufactured from a variety of materials including Mylar, aluminum, Gold Polyimide and others, we have the right material for your applications.

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View Product. Add to Cart. Choose Options. Pipe Shields solve the problem of needing spot heat protection for exhaust pipes and components. DEI has expanded its award winning Flexible Heat Shields to include additional sizes and premium finishes.

The upgraded construction builds on the strengths DEI now offers a better form of protection from searing exhaust heat. Thinking beyond the traditional stainless steel or carbon fiber heat shields, DEI Use as a barrier to reflect and insulate from any heat source.

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Form-A-Barrier solves the problem of needing a light weight, formable shield to protect components from heat. Can be We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tested - DEI Reflect A Gold Heat Thermal Racing Engine Tape

Capable of Manufactured from our high temperature Metalized Polyimide lamination, bonded to a robust 20oz heat treated glass fiber base material, Oil Filter Heat Shield. Oil filters soak in a lot of heat from high performance engines.

They are nestled tight to the oil pan and engine. Reflect-A-GOLD is an adhesive heat shield made from a metalized polyamide polymer laminated to a light weight glass fiber clothWe supply a variety of thermal management solutions for manufacturers of vehicles and equipment. Composed of fire-resistant foil, our lightweight heat shields can be added to thermal insulation foam as a facing or used inside tubes and hoses.

Heat reflective wraps are excellent for controlling temperature in heavy trucks, recreational vehicles, military vehicles, emergency vehicles, rail cars, buses, and more. Below, you can see the specifications for our heat shields as well as our heat shield tubing. Ask us about custom heat insulation solutions if you have a complex problem!

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Download Technical Data Sheets Please fill out the following form to view the technical data sheets:. Applications for our thermal heat shield material include gas tanks and any other areas exposed to extreme heat from exhaust pipes, turbos, and more. Heat shields offer excellent protection for metal and plastic surfaces, including gas tanks, exhaust pipe, turbos, and more. Utility knives or commercial scissors can be used to cut heat shield tubing.

Applications for our thermal heat shield tubing include hoses, tubes, and other parts exposed to high heat and in need of thermal protection. Heat shield tubing is ideal for encapsulating hoses or wire bundles in engine compartments.

A complex problem can require an out-of-the-box custom solution. Polymer Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Online Marketing by MilesTechnologies. Download Technical Data Sheets. Return to top. Extremely thin 0.

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Back to top. Custom Thermal Insulation Materials Available A complex problem can require an out-of-the-box custom solution.Sign in.

Low-E Reflective Foil Insulation for Radiant Heating

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Vorcool Official Store. Automate Store. Alcon Motor Racing Store. Fannie Racing Store. Carmotor moving Store.A radiant barrier is a type of building material that reflects thermal radiation and reduces heat transfer.

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Because thermal energy is also transferred by conduction and convectionin addition radiation, radiant barriers are often supplemented with thermal insulation that slows down heat transfer by conduction or convection.

A radiant barrier reflects heat radiation radiant heatpreventing transfer from one side of the barrier to another due to a reflective, low emittance surface. In building applications, this surface is typically a very thin, mirror-like aluminum foil. The foil may be coated for resistance to the elements or for abrasion resistance. The radiant barrier may be one or two sided.

One sided radiant barrier may be attached to insulating materials, such as polyisocyanaterigid foam, bubble insulation, or oriented strand board OSB. Reflective tape can be adhered to strips of radiant barrier to make it a contiguous vapor barrier or, alternatively, radiant barrier can be perforated for vapor transmittance.

All materials give off, or emit, energy by thermal radiation as a result of their temperature. The amount of energy radiated depends on the surface temperature and a property called emissivity also called "emittance".

Emissivity is expressed as a number between zero 0 and one 1 at a given wavelength. The higher the emissivity, the greater the emitted radiation at that wavelength.

A related material property is reflectivity also called "reflectance". This is a measure of how much energy is reflected by a material at a given wavelength.

Reflectivity is also expressed as a number between 0 and 1 or a percentage between 0 and At a given wavelength and angle of incidence the emissivity and reflectivity values sum to 1 by Kirchhoff's law. Radiant barrier materials must have low emissivity usually 0. For typical building materials, the wavelengths are in the mid- and long-infrared spectrumin the range of micrometres. Radiant barriers may or may not exhibit high visual reflectivity. While reflectivity and emissivity must sum to 1 at a given wavelength, reflectivity at one set of wavelengths visible and emissivity at a different set of wavelengths thermal do not necessarily sum to 1.

Therefore, it is possible to create visibly dark colored surfaces with low thermal emissivity. To perform properly, radiant barriers need to face open space e. Inthe French scientist Jean Claude Eugene Peclet [2] experimented with the insulating effect of high and low emissive metals facing air spaces. Peclet calculated the reduction in BTUs for high and low emissive surfaces facing into various air spaces, discovering the benefits of a radiant barrier in reducing the transfer of heat.

Intwo German businessmen Schmidt and Dykerhoff filed for patents on reflective surfaces for use as building insulation because recent improvements in technology allowed low emissivity aluminum foil to be commercially viable.

This became the launching pad for radiant barrier and reflective insulation around the world, and within the next 15 years, millions of square feet of radiant barrier were installed in the US alone.

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Radiant barrier was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame in Since the s, [4] sheets of metalized polyester called space blankets have been commercially available as a means to prevent hypothermia and other cold weather injuries.

Because of their durability and light weight, these blankets are popular for survival and first aid applications. Swarms of people can be seen draped in reflective metalized film after a marathon, especially where the temperatures are particularly cold, like during the annual New York City Marathon which takes place in the fall.

Some windows use laminate polyester film where at least one layer has been metalized using a process called sputtering. Sputtering occurs when a metal, most often aluminum, is vaporized and the polyester film is passed through it. This process can be adjusted to control the amount of metal that ultimately coats the surface of the film. These metalized films are applied to one or more surfaces of the glass to resist the transfer of radiant heat, yet the films are so thin that they allow visible light to pass through.

Since the thin coatings are fragile and can be damaged when exposed to air and moisture, manufacturers typically use multiple pane windows.